Advertise with Us

Reach thousands of journalists, communicators and new media professionals with our highly effective and great value services.

Who can advertise?

  • Member Associations
  • Non-profit & nonpartisan foundations
  • International organizations
  • Media companies & media foundations
  • Science & tech journals and publishers
  • Research organizations
  • Publicly funded agencies & hospitals
  • Colleges & universities
  • Companies or organizations with a special interest in science and journalism

What kind of advertisements?

  • Job postings
  • Trainings or workshops
  • Calls for fellowships or grants
  • Awards & Contests
  • Conferences
  • Press releases
  • Articles on research & science
  • Publications

Other options can be discussed, such as surveys among the WFSJ’s Member Associations and other organizations. Contact our office for more information.

Advertisement opportunities

  • All prices on a monthly basis and in USD
  • Pricelist available soon

Discounts on Advertisement Rates

  • 15% discount on campaigns extending one month
  • 15% discount for our Associate Partners
  • 20% discount for our Member Associations

Sponser an event

The WFSJ regularly organizes events, workshops, webinars and symposiums, such as the

  • Kavli Symposium on Science Journalism
  • World Conference of Science Journalism, etc.

Sponsorship opportunities for these events are also available. Contact the WFSJ office to find out more about the different possibilities on offer. See contact details below.


Advertisers will receive a PayPal invoice upon booking an advertisement. The advertisement will be rolled out upon payment of the invoice. Paying an invoice through a bank transfer is equally possible. However, we will charge you the applicable transaction fees.

Advertisement policy

  • Advertisers must be aligned with the WFSJ’s mission
  • The WFSJ has the right to refuse, to promote or to remove any individual advertisement which we consider inappropriate.
  • The WFSJ does not accept advertisements for merchandise such as medicines, alcoholic beverages, etc.

Contact information

If you need more information on the Advertising with Us opportunities please contact the WFSJ office via or