Essay: Application

Science is the key to the progress of our nations. In Latin American has been hard understand it, specially governments and mass media. Science journalists have to figth daily in order to that science and health information have an favoured place or first page. It’s a constant war that we only can win with preparation and a correct update of knowledge.

During my career I’ve tried to improve the way I do science journalism. It’s a challenge with myself. But, at the same time, it’s a commitment to my readers. Every word I write and every article I prepare could become a hope of more and better life for people who reads me.

Venezuela’s crisis has influenced our journalism. The politics is the favorite source for editors and even journalists, despite even our contry history as being a pioneer in Latin America’s journalism. For example, Arístides Bastidas was an world icon of this area. He won Kalinga Prize on 1982. This award is considered as the Nobel Price of science popularization.

I would like to have the chance to cover the meeting of the world’s experts on the relationships between health and the environmentt. I would
certainly take advantage of this experience.It would be a golden oportunnity to learn how can I write with a higher impact by knowing more specifics details, statistics and information about science’s world.

Venezuela needs to rescue its science communication and I really to wish be a part of a new generation ready to do it.