Essay: Opportunities for All, Everywhere

Writing about science, health and environment can still look like a crazy thing for many people in countries like mine that has a lot of subsistence problems. Although there are people like me, who believe that the future starts with the democratization of knowledge, with the real access to all the opportunities for all the people, everywhere.

I want to be part of this progress. The way I can help is talking and writing about the research efforts that are made in my country every day and talking about what is being done in other countries, analyzing the things that work and the things that don’t work, the process of science and not only the science’s show.

I should win this competition because I want to be in touch with important health and environment organizations and specialists and also make links with people of countries with similar realities that are working to improve their systems. The bottom line: always, learn and use this learning in my own reality.
Nature has been very generous with Bolivia , but to show how lucky we are, the importance of preserving and using our resources wisely, and how science and technology can help with this responsibility with our present and future, is a work that still has to be done. On the other hand, Bolivia has a lot to teach to the world and it is necessary to find efficient channels to communicate.

I have a project to create a Science Information Agency, with the support of the Bolivian Association of Science Journalism, in order to generate more and better research information, politics and science current events, information, discoveries, etc.
The idea is to involve communication students and work with the state universities, entities who administrate most of the researching funds of the government thought its research centers.

It is a way to incentive the students to specialize in science journalism and, at the same time, stimulate the interest in the science developing.
The information could be used by national mass media, to generate a favorable public opinion about science and generate the civil society demand of more financial support. It’s a mechanism to make the interface between science and society.
I certainly know that putting this proposal into practice could be very useful and could contribute to the experience of covering the International EcoHealth Forum 2008, in Mérida (Mexico), meeting important contact people, launching health and environment opportunities and responsibilities, closer to all the people, everywhere.