Essay: Why i should win this competition

Firstly, I am a science journalist. I am still improving my professional skills in science writing with the online course offered by the World Federation of science journalists (WFSJ) and the mentoring program which is associated.
Since 2004, i was specialized to environmental issues in my newsroom. Before de mentoring program, i didn’t know how to write science stories to make them understand to the public. And now my writing skills are increasingly improved and i can now compete with other science journalists and made it.

Secondly, in our African countries, health and environment are our daily preoccupation. We have for example malaria who kill more than HIV and we also know that malaria has a link with environment. Dust, forest, non respect of public health advices for using the nets impregnated with insecticide have negative effects on the heath of people.
Many diseases afflicting the African peoples in the south of the Sahara are linked to their immediate environment. In my country Cameroon, there are serious diseases which are related to the environment. These include malaria, Onchocerciasis or river blindness, Buruli ulcer. The last two diseases have a link with water. Indeed, the Onchocerciasis which causes lesions on the skin and cause blindness in Cameroon has its area of choice in the centre of Cameroon, around a large river that hosts flies whose bites cause the disease.
As far as Buruli ulcer is the water of the river Nyong which houses the bug responsible for ulcers, the female Anopheles, the malaria vector lives in pools of stagnant water and rivers with low speed. I should win this competition because I have proposed articles show how the immediate environment of man may pose a threat to his health. I am also confident of having my articles written in compliance with the rules in writing scientific stories.

Finally, I really want to win this competition because it will give me the opportunity to meet with leading scientists worldwide, and interview them. As science journalist, it is an occasion for me to enrich my knowledge on the relationship between health and the environment and also see what experiences of other countries i can report to health my country to do the same.