WFSJ Online Course in Science Journalism

The WFSJ Online Course in Science Journalism has been developed in collaboration with SciDev.Net. The course is aimed at professional journalists, journalism students, teachers, and anyone else interested in communicating science and technology. Each lesson consists of an e-lecture with examples, self-teaching questions, and assignments.

There are no prerequisites for the WFSJ Online Course in Science Journalism. If you are launching a start-up, if you are a member of the public keen to participate in important societal debates, or if you need to communicate complicated issues with technical or scientific content, this course is for you. If you want to pursue a career in science communication or science journalism, this course will give you a head start.

In 10 lessons, experienced science journalists from all over the world share their secrets and advice. The lessons cover major practical and conceptual issues in science communication. They explain how to find and research a story, how to determine the veracity of experts, how to interview, how to write, and how to use social media.

The e-lectures are open access and as the WFSJ does not have control over registration to the course, we are unable to provide course certificates.

The WFSJ Online Course in Science Journalism is currently available in 10 languages and can be found here.