The 3rd Kavli Symposium on Science Journalism

The 3rd Kavli Symposium on Science Journalism (Washington, DC – February 15-17, 2016) had the ambitious goal of addressing ways to facilitate coverage of science through international collaboration.

The fifty-five participants from 10 countries were particularly interested in opportunities that collaboration can offer to alleviate challenges in accessing, appraising and tracking stories on some of the most pressing issues that face the world.

The symposium presented four case studies of sensitive science topics: food, nuclear, clinical trials and infectious diseases. The discussions aimed at exposing the level of complexity specific to each theme, as well as introducing new ideas, tools, strategies and collaborative models to empower science journalists.

The symposium’s final report explores the discussion that arose around the case studies and can be viewed here.

We would appreciate if you could send us your notes, comments and thoughts to – – so we can start a dialogue between the World Federation of Science Journalists (WFSJ) and the science journalism community.

The 3rd Kavli Symposium (KS) will take place in Washington DC (February 15–18, 2016) right after the AAAS annual meeting.

The KS is a showcase event on science journalism. The sessions are attended by high end science journalists from the BBC, WSJ, NYT, etc.

The 3rd KS will focus on International Collaboration on Global Science Stories: Challenges & Opportunities. The symposium will help discern the modern forms of manipulation of information, strategies and tactics that hinder the ability of science journalists to cover major international science for the benefit of the public.


Establish cooperation mechanisms in order to identify international or regional collaborative opportunities and/or improve coverage of cross-border issues.

Empower science journalists to help them better analyse, confront, circumvent, external pressures and influences, and assess the pitfalls of different stakeholders’ agendas.

Equip science journalists in developing and lower and middle income countries to better access and accurately appraise relevant evidence.

The Complete Program of the 3rd Kavli Symposium can be viewed here.

Biographies of all the participants can be found here.


Véronique Morin 
Project Director Kavli Symposium



The World Federation of Science Journalists would like to thank the following partners for their invaluable advice and continuous support:

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