Membership Criteria & Payment

The WFSJ accepts organizations that group science journalists. Organizations can work at city, provincial, state, regional, national or international level and include members of other professions like science writers, public information officers, researchers, as well as science and technology centers (science museums) employees, etc.

Key criteria are that the organization:

  • Represents science journalists
  • Elects its governing body
  • Its governing body meets regularly
  • It has a constitution

Those not fulfilling the above criteria but wish to be associated with our activities can do so by applying to be a partner of the World Federation.


The membership fee is currently set at US$1 per member of each association on January 31 of each year, up to a maximum of US$300. In the case of nascent associations, applications to waive the fee can be made to the Board for special consideration.

Please contact if you cannot send a postal cheque, an international bank draft or make a bank transfer.

Finally, please ensure that a responsible officer signs the letter of application on behalf of the ruling body of the association.