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October – Interview with our new ED – Struggle with politics – SjCOOP ten years later – Science Talk on AI – Spotlight on members
September  Bid for WCSJ2021 and/or 2023 – Welcome Christophe – Exhibit at WCSJ2019 – Why go to Lausanne? 
July Get a free Press Pass – Participate in two short surveys – WCSJ2019 Gazette – Focus on our Members – On the blog
JuneFuture of SJ in Europe – Science Talks: Tackling Ebola – Register for #AGM18 – Spotlight on Members
May – AGM18 on 10 July – Session deadline extended – Final WCSJ2017 Report – Science Talks – Spotlight on Members
April – Year in Review 2017 – Job offer: Become our ED – Struggle in Politics – Spotlight on our Members – On our blog 
March – WCSJ2019 is a Unique Event! – Tech&Trust in Austin – Partner with WCSJ – Submit a Session – On our Blog
February – Submit a Session Proposal – Explore the Preliminary Program – Kavli Prize Scholars – WCSJ2017 Videos 
January – Kavli Prize Scholarships – WCSJ2017 Session Videos – Program 4th Kavli Symposium – On our Blog


December Word from the New President – Welcome Wiley – 4th Kavli Symposium – Kavli Prize Scholarships
Meet the new board – Kavli Prize Scholarships – Lausanne #WCSJ2019 – Highlights #WCSJ2017
October – A word from the WFSJ President – Partner with us! – Give a monthly donation
OctoberMOOC on Science Controversies – Vote for Voices of Dementia – Health Toolbox & Eurekalert!
September Rapport de recherche journalistes africains et la crise Ébola – Jouez à SciJo ! – Health Toolbox
September – Report on African Journos during Ebola Crisis – Play SCIJO – Sign up for the Health Toolbox
September Seamless Air Travel to WCSJ2017 – Book Your Hotel Room Early – Advertise at WCSJ
July Health Toolbox on Infectious Diseases – Resources Page for Journalists – Got an Award? @ WCSJ2017
JuneToolkits on Dementia & Nuclear – Register Early for Lunches & Tours – New Keynote: John P. Holdren
May – Register for WCSJ2017 – Discover the Program – Partner with the WFSJ


December Donate to WCSJ2017 – Survey on Ebola – New Platform – Twitter Week – Bid for WCSJ2019
Conference on Virtual reality and the Future of Healthcare (special newsletter)
October New deadline for WCS2017 Session – Workshop on Nuclear Safety – 3KS Final Report
SeptemberSubmit a Session – Training on Infectious Diseases – R&D Spending Data – SMASH16
July Press Briefing at ESOF2016 – Nuclear Safety – Welcome Norway – Become an Ambassador – CILAC
Call for Proposals WCSJ2017 – Participate in AGM – 3rd ECSJ
 – 10th World Conference of Science Journalists (WCSJ2017)
February – WCSJ2017 – The Kavli Prize Winners – The 3rdKavli Symposium – The Zika Virus
January – Scholarships for Science Journalists to Attend & Cover the Kavli Prize in Norway


NovemberScholarships for Science Journalists to Attend & Cover the Kavli Prize in Norway
OctoberHepatitis C – WFSJ Launches Reporting Toolbox for Journalists
September – WFSJ Projects Update & WFSJ Communication
July – Hepatitis C: A Global Media Education Initiative
June – The 9th WCSJ and News on the WFSJ projects
March – SjCOOP: Travel Grants for 10 Science Journalists
March – Launch Online Course on Ebola and Webinars (2nd campaign)
March – Launch Online Course on Ebola and Webinars 


November – Ebola Crowdfunding Campaign