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“It is our role as science journalists to keep the people correctly informed about infectious diseases and to avoid stereotyping and enhancing stigma.”

Christine Ochogo
Kenyan Journalist


Support us and our work by becoming an Associate Partner so that journalists like Christine, Pham, Dyna and Alpha can get access to the right equipment, training, workshops, online resources, etc.

Your funding will give them a chance to learn and solidify their scientific knowledge, to raise public awareness.

Science and journalism are going through some turbulent times with the freedom of the press under threat in many countries. For over 15 years, the World Federation of Science Journalist (WFSJ) has engaged with science journalists from all over the world. It is our role to empower journalists and to provide them with the tools and the know-how, to better access, appraise and communicate scientific evidence, in sometimes chaotic and dangerous environments.

As an Associate Partner, you will give us the vital backing needed to initiate a wide range of activities, and support our day-to-day operations:

  • Your help will contribute to the promotion of science journalism globally, make science more accountable and benefit science journalists as key players in civil society and democracy
  • Your involvement will help sustain quality journalism and information by allowing us to offer services in a number of areas: professional skills training, seminars, workshops, online resources, study trips, buy equipment, etc.
  • Associate Partners are key in helping provide access to knowledge, foster trustworthy relationships with the media and journalists and ensure that the public is well informed and empowered to participate in opinion formation and policy change.


“The WFSJ’s training enhanced my news writing skills on science.”



If you would like to discuss a partnership more in detail contact Eric Lauwers via or +1 514 508 2777.

All financial donations to the WFSJ are eligible for an official donation receipt for income tax purposes in Canada.

“The mentoring project in science journalism in Southeast Asia allowed me to get published internationally.”

Dyna Rochmyninsigh
Indonesion Journalist


The WFSJ’s partnerships are based on six core principles. We recognize that these principles are not equally applicable to all types of relationships, however, we aspire to follow them in all our working relations with others. Read the six core principles here.


“I believe that being a knowledgeable health journalist can help to report facts, from a balanced and accurate perspective that will help to inform the public, and this can save lives.”