Sign-up for Science Talks on understanding HIV/AIDS for journalists

21 August, 2018Posted In : WFSJ News

This third Science Talks will focus on Understanding HIV/AIDS for accurate news reporting . Host speakers will be Dr. Malene Bras, Dr. Kenneth Mayer, ... READ MORE

Croatian science journalist sued for revealing alternative medicine ‘bioenergy’ healer

15 August, 2018Posted In : WFSJ News

Alternative medicine and pseudoscience have found a footing in Croatian society, so much so that they are reported as facts on public TV stations (HRT... READ MORE

Kavli Prize Week – Discover the six-day program

09 August, 2018Posted In : WFSJ News

Saturday, September 1st will be kick-off day for The Kavli Prize Week in Oslo, Norway (1-6 September). Five science journalists from Colombia, Ch in... READ MORE


Do you need a science degree to be a sience reporter?

21 August, 2018Posted In : Other News

In her  The Open Notebook  feature, Aneri Pattani writes about the potential advantages and drawbacks of having a science degree as a science journa... READ MORE

Associate Partner: Celebrating women in science with Taylor & Francis

16 August, 2018Posted In : Other News

Inspired by the 2018 International Women’s Day theme #PressforProgress , at Taylor & Francis they took an unusual and involved approach to ident... READ MORE

Now out. The July issue of Sayansi with a special focus on HIV/AIDS in Kenya

25 July, 2018Posted In : Other News

Our Kenyan Member Association, the Media for Environment, Science, Health and Agriculture ( MESHA ), publishes SAYANSI, a regular science magazine fo... READ MORE