Truth in the age of Technology: Second report on #KS4Austin

05 March, 2018Posted In : WFSJ News

The 4th Kavli Symposium on science journalism was held 19-21 February in Austin, TX. More than 50 science journalists and computer scientists gathered... READ MORE

Technology & Truths: First report on #KS4Austin

26 February, 2018Posted In : WFSJ News

The fourth Kavli Symposium on Science Journalism was held in Austin, TX on 19-21 February tackling four themes.  Maxime Sainte-Marie, a Postdoctoral ... READ MORE

Don’t Ask What the WFSJ Can Do for You! Ask What You Can Do for the WFSJ!

26 February, 2018Posted In : WFSJ News

In a personal letter, Wolfgang Goede, the WFSJ’s German-Colombian board member, expresses his concern for the future of the Federation and calls out... READ MORE


DEMENTIA – WDC publishes its Global Care Statement in 11 languages

12 March, 2018Posted In : Other News

The World Dementia Council ( WDC ) publishes the Global Care Statement (GCS) into 11 languages calling for quality care and support for people living ... READ MORE

Artificial Intelligence is changing how newsrooms work. What will that mean for science journalists?

06 March, 2018Posted In : Other News

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) gets ever better and applied to all aspects of newsroom work, science journalism will change too. The nature of our da... READ MORE

Somalian Member Association SOMESHA launches new website

06 March, 2018Posted In : Other News

The WFSJ's Somalian Member Association -  Somali Media for Environment, Science, Health and Agriculture ( SOMESHA)  - is speeding up its green news... READ MORE