Science Talks on What Journalists Need to Know About Healthy Aging

22 April, 2019Posted In : WFSJ News

Media interested in learning more about healthy aging to inform their reporting should attend this webinar. Participants will walk away with a deeper ... READ MORE

York University’s Faculty of Science: call for the next Science Communicator in Residence

14 March, 2019Posted In : WFSJ News

The next Science Communicator in Residence at York University’s Faculty of Science is now open for applications if you or anyone you know might be i... READ MORE

Opportunity: 10-Month Climate Journalism Mentorship

05 March, 2019Posted In : WFSJ News

Climate Tracker has developed with the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation a climate journalism mentorship opportunity. What is the mentorship? What do mente... READ MORE


Struggle with Politics. First stories from our 6 science journalists are in.

08 October, 2018Posted In : Other News

Read the first stories online of the 6 science journalists that are reporting on the "Struggle with Politics" in Argentina, Canada, Croatia, Germany/T... READ MORE

The science that makes a difference in all our lives. Report from the Kavli Prize Week 2018

25 September, 2018Posted In : Other News

WFSJ's  vice-president , Milica Momcilovic, represented the Federation at this year's Kavli Prize Week 2018 in Olso, Norway (1-6 September). It is ... READ MORE

“I think that science journalism is so incredibly important” [Alan Alda]

13 September, 2018Posted In : Other News

The five fellows, science journalists from China, Colombia, Japan/Australia, Mexico, South Africa, are reporting on the 2018 Kavli Prize Week in Oslo,... READ MORE