11th World Conference of Science Journalism. Lausanne, 1-5 July 2019.

The city of Lausanne hosted the11th World Conference of Science Journalists (WCSJ2019) that was held from 1 to 5 July 2019 at the SwissTech Convention Center on the campus of the Swiss Federal Polytechnic Institute (EPFL) and the University of Lausanne (UNIL).

Every two years, this gathering attracts over a thousand science journalists and communicators representing 70+ nationalities. The World Conference in San Francisco (WCSJ2017) was attended by 1,360+ attendees from plus 70 countries.

For the first time, three host science writers’ associations joined forces to organize the conference: the Swiss Association for Science Journalism (ASJS), the French Association of Science Journalists in the news media (AJSPI) and the Science Writers in Italy (SWIM).

The conference’s focus was on “Reaching new heights in science journalism”. It used the mountains shared by the three organizing countries as a symbol and common thread running through the event.