The Day We Stood Still in Nepal! An Eyewitness Report by Chhatra Karki

It was an experience for a lifetime. For the first ever in my life I felt the earthquake of such a big magnitude. The aftershocks… I lost the count of them. Provoked on April 25, 2015 with epicenter to the West of Kathmandu—a place called Barpak in Gorkha district—the initial 7.8 Richter scale magnitude was followed by 292 aftershocks of 4+ magnitude until May 31, 2015. Kathmandu valley ranks as the 11thmost dangerous and unsafe place in the world from the perspective of risk of Earthquake. However, the days are getting back to normal.


A-t-on Encore Besoin Des Journalistes Scientifiques?

Dans le Toronto Star, un article sur le vaccin contre le virus du papillome humain (VPH) qui se base sur des anecdotes. Dans La Presse, un dossier sur l’homéopathie qui a pour sources un pour et un contre. Et dans le New York Times, une chronique sur le danger des téléphones cellulaires qui a pour source un ostéopathe.READ MORE