Challenging Moments in Nepal after the Earthquake

Break down in power supply created much problem during the first few days. To make the situation worse, Internet and Telephones didn’t work properly. Water supply halted. Those days went away in discomfort. But I gave continuity to my professional work even in the faces of difficulties and challenges—Unsafe living conditions of my family, psychological fear that my eight-year old daughter could face due to these aftershocks—I couldn’t give my time to my family when they needed me the most. I was in Role Conflict. Being so much engaged in the work, I couldn’t even manage a good tent for my family.


A Tent Becomes the News Room in Nepal!

It was crazy to even think of working from the office building. The tent set up on the open space in Nepal Army’s HQ area became our News Room, at least for a while. Everyone worked from their computers. Nepal Telecom’s internet service was to its least—extremely slow!READ MORE