Challenging Moments in Nepal after the Earthquake

Break down in power supply created much problem during the first few days. To make the situation worse, Internet and Telephones didn’t work properly. Water supply halted. Those days went away in discomfort. But I gave continuity to my professional work even in the faces of difficulties and challenges—Unsafe living conditions of my family, psychological fear that my eight-year old daughter could face due to these aftershocks—I couldn’t give my time to my family when they needed me the most. I was in Role Conflict. Being so much engaged in the work, I couldn’t even manage a good tent for my family.

On the following days, the International communities and the donor agencies sent the Relief Materials for the Earthquake victims in Nepal. Volunteers also landed here from abroad and overseas.  I really appreciate the work of the Government of Nepal it has done in Relief and Rescue after the earthquake. The Government did as much as it could. Salute to Nepal Army, Nepal Police and Armed Police Force!!!

The plight of the media houses and the journalists in earthquake affected areas is distressing. Some of the Radios, Newspapers, and Television channels are working from the tent. Due to lack of subjective and technical specialty and knowledge regarding the phenomenon of Earthquake, most of the journalists couldn’t do an in-depth reporting. Interviewing the experts, thus, becomes more difficult, especially for the reporters in village areas. Hasn’t the time come for developing the skills of the reporters in relation to the reporting of earthquake and natural disasters yet?

The first stage of Relief Distribution Program has been completed. The task of Restoration and Renovation is equally complex and challenging. Until May 31, the lives lost on earthquake has accrued to 8,699. More than 22,000 are injured.  Hundreds of thousands people don’t have a place to call their home anymore. Even the Schools, Colleges, Health centers around those places aren’t in good condition. The honest and responsible journalism and in-depth field reporting are very crucial to the Stage of Renovation and Restoration.

I have taken an oath to continue with the research-based news reporting in the earthquake affected areas in the days to come.

Chhatra Karki

Journalist and Bureau chief, Nagarik daily Newspaper, Kathmandu, Nepal.