A Tent Becomes the News Room in Nepal!

It was crazy to even think of working from the office building. The tent set up on the open space in Nepal Army’s HQ area became our News Room, at least for a while. Everyone worked from their computers. Nepal Telecom’s internet service was to its least—extremely slow!

We managed the power source from Generator as the electricity supply was down. More than a hundred of the newsroom journalists were affected by the earthquake. Some lost their relatives, some had their house damaged and collapsed. The plight of the journalists working outside the valley was even more pathetic. But still they were contributing to the Publication wherever and however they could. Respect!!!

The online news portal of the publication had to be updated from the news room in the tent. The mobile phones of the reporters didn’t work in most of the earthquake affected areas like Sindupalchowk, Nuwakot, Rauwa, and Dhading. Occasional telephone contacts were frequently interrupted. However, the reporters at Gorkha, Kavre, Dolakha among others could be reached out now and then. Based on the conversation with the reporters, I prepared the news and forwarded them to my colleagues who handled the online news portal.

 Some days were such that we would be under the tent working from the morning to the night updating the news. Abraham Maslow’s Theory of Need Hierarchy failed here—News became our first priority. Life sustained on mere water accompanied by biscuits. Time flew away instantly while working on the news. We worked from the tent for three days until it rained. We had to option for a safer place now.

Chhatra Karki

Journalist and Bureau chief, Nagarik daily Newspaper, Kathmandu, Nepal.
This article was written in June 2015