Kenya Science Journalists Congress (Nairobi, November 25-27)


African science journalism is in transformation after decades of stagnation characterized by poor reporting, inadequate coverage and general weak scientists-journalists relationships. The last decade has seen renewed commitment and investment in science journalism by governments, donors and the private sector. There is increasing understanding by key drivers and stakeholders of the importance of addressing historical systemic failures holistically that have contributed to the tribulations of science journalism in Africa.

The continued need for transformation is clear and the potential is greater now than ever given the changing technological, budgetary dynamics, and increasing level of training for science journalists in Africa as a whole. The role of science journalists in development is increasingly being acknowledged by all stakeholders who now view science journalism as key to the achievement of Africa’s scientific revolution….. 


Nearly 80 international and local science journalists, communication professionals, scientists and policy makers will meet at the Kenya Science Journalists Congress (Nairobi, November 25-27) to network, share ideas on the future of science journalism, and disseminate the latest in research and development.

Partners will have an opportunity to organize a pre-congress field trips on health, agriculture, technology and environment to capture the interest of all participants. Latest findings in science research and development on health, agriculture, technology and environment will be presented in several breakout sessions and exhibitions in the course of the conference.

The congress will be a platform to increase the already promising engagement between policy makers, science institutions and the academia on the place of Kenya and Africa in research and development. Our previous congress attracted senior heads of research institutions, researchers, policy makers and the academia and the 2015 congress promises an even richer experience.

The KSJC will address 12 topics. The complete list as well as more background information on the Conference can be found here.



OrganizerMedia for Environment, Science, Health and Agriculture (MESHA)

Countries of impact: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Burundi, Rwanda, Sudan and South Sudan

Place: Nairobi, Kenya

When: November 25 – 27, 2015


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