2nd European Conference for Science Journalists (ECSJ 2015 – Budapest, 3 November). Free Registration!

The European Union of Science Journalists (EUSJA) and the Club of Hungarian Science Journalists invite you to participate in the 2nd European Conference for Science Journalists (ECSJ 2015) to be held in Budapest on 3 November 2015.

The Conference is a unique networking event with specialized science journalists reflecting their profession, competences, and challenges. As a major milestone the event will launch a new ambitious network across Europe.ECSJ 2015 will have four tracks, which focus on the role of science journalists in the technological and societal transformations of the 21st century:

  1. How to safeguard quality and ethics in an increasingly stakeholder-driven science communication
  2. Survival of science journalists in difficult times and their (bright) future as entrepreneurs
  3. The challenges of progressing climate change for the profession
  4. How climate change deals with rampant infectious diseases.

On November 4th, a half-day study trip is scheduled to the outstanding Hungarian research projects and some EU projects, such as the large CERN Datacenter in Budapest and EITI, the EU institution to provide transparency and good governance with the management of natural resources.

The ECSJ2015 preliminary program can be found here.

ECSJ 2015 is a satellite event of the World Science Forum (WSF), to be held on 4-7 November 2015. All ECSJ participants are welcome to take participate in WSF as well.

President of the ECSJ 2015 is István Palugyai, Honorary President of the Hungarian science journalists and EUSJA President Emeritus, in close collaboration with the EUSA board. The Hungarian Science Journalist Association celebrates its 25th anniversary.

The conference is free of charge! Please register with Gusztáv Hencsey the ECSJ 2015 Hungarian organizer via hencsey.gusztav@gmail.com. The ECSJ2015 registration form can be found here.

Colleagues headed for the WSF can apply for a grant. Eeverything will be covered including part of the travel costs.

Apply here for 12 grants until September 25th!

All grant information can be found here.


Photograph copyright: Wikimedia Commons


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