Argentinian Association Organizes Workshop on Maternal and Infant Mortality (Sept. 11)

The Argentine Network of Science Journalism  (ANSJ) and Unicef Argentina organized on September 11th a workshop on maternal and infant mortality, and which took place at the Science National Academy of Argentina in Buenos Aires.

The focus this year of the ANSJ is on how science journalism can improve the coverage of children’s health and news on poverty

The epidemiologist Zulma Ortiz talked about how to understand the numbers related to maternal and infant mortality and the myths surrounding it. The workshop, supported by Unicef Argentina, was a successful experience to help improve the coverage of this important problem.

The participants to the workshop were members of the science journalism association from different provinces in Argentina: Salta, Jujuy, Catamarca, La Rioja, Santa Fe, San Luis, Córdoba, Mendoza, Buenos Aires province and Buenos Aires city.


In May this year the ANSJ organized another workshop on neurosciences, children development and poverty, together with the Neurobiology Unit of Conicet/Cemic and Elizalde Children Hospital in Buenos Aires city.

Scientist shared the latest updates on how poverty can affect children’s’ development and discussed domestic violence against children.

Twelve science journalists of ANSJ made several suggestions on how to improve the social communication on this important topic and on the issues raised by the researchers.

Article written by Valeria Román (ANSJ) and edited by Eric Lauwers (WFSJ)

All photographs by ANSJ


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