Cancer World Journalist Grants 2015

What is the Cancer World Journalist Grant?

The Cancer World Journalist Grant was created in order to encourage high-quality reporting on cancer. Print, broadcast and new media journalists are invited to apply for a Cancer WorldJournalist Grant that will enable them complete a reporting project on a particular topic relating to cancer. We are looking for projects that explore systemic issues that have a significant impact on cancer patients and that provide comprehensive coverage on the topic rather than short spot-reports from the field.

Who can apply for a Cancer World Journalist Grant?

The grant is open to print, broadcast and new media journalists. Preference will be given to early- to mid-career journalists who are based in Europe and are freelancers.

What do the winners of the Cancer World Journalist Grant receive?

The amount of grant awarded will depend on the specific proposal and successful applicants will receive a grant of up to 2,500 Euro, half to be paid in advance and the remainder on submission of the principal material for publication or broadcast. Recipients of the grant will be required to complete their project within an agreed time-frame and submit their articles, radio reports or videos for publication in Cancer World magazine and on the Cancer Worldwebsite. Cancer World magazine will give grant recipients the right to reproduce articles/videos through other media channels. Grant recipients must use their grants within 6 months of receiving confirmation that their application has been successful.

How will grant recipients be selected?

Grant recipients will be selected by the Cancer World magazine team in consultation with the European School of Oncology. The criteria for selection will be:

1. Strength of the proposed topic;

2. The quality of the applicant’s work as demonstrated in their work samples;

3. Evidence that the applicant can tackle complex, analytical stories;

4. Applicant’s track record on covering cancer stories.

How can I apply for the 2015 Cancer World Journalist Grant?

The deadline for grant applications is October 16th, 2015 and successful applicants will be informed by end-November 2015. 

If you are interested in receiving a Cancer World Journalist Grant you need to complete our online application procedure, before applying please prepare the documents listed below (pdf, jpeg or word format) you will be asked to upload them onto our online application system. Apply directly through the Cancer World website.

Documents to be submitted online:

1- Copy of your CV in English which includes details of any other grants/scholarship or awards of which you are in receipt

2. Evidence of your press accreditation, and translation in English if necessary

3. Complete the attached Story Proposal form (typed not by hand), which outlines details of your story and how you plan to execute it. You can download the Story Proposal form here.

4. Three samples of your work (these can be submitted in original language but in this instance you must submit a one-page summary of each piece in English). Your samples of work can either be uploaded or you can complete the designated box with a direct web link to your work

Questions on the grant

If you have any questions please contact Corinne Hall via

More information

More information on the Journalist Grant can be found on the Cancer World website.


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