In the News: Workshop on Covering Public Health Emergencies (10 – 11 December 2015, Kenya, Nairobi)

WFSJ, MESHA and WHO organized a two-day (10-11 Dec.) workshop in Nairobi, Kenya on Covering Public Health Emergencies with local partner and host MESHA and the thanks to the financial support from the World Health Organisation (WHO). The workshop was attended by journalists from Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

The local press published on Monday, December 14th an article on the workshop: ‘Adhere to ethics, scribes reminded’, written by Maureen Odunga, one of the participants. 


The article can also be read here.


“Thank you for the two days insightful. As an up and coming journalist the training has added value to my thinking and how i will start digesting my health and environment stories. Whenever such opportunities come please do not hesitate to invite me again.

Hope to meet in the near future. I wrote a small piece yesterday on the training, attached is the soft copy i will send the link tomorrow.”  – Maureen Odungo