Welcome! to the Nepal Forum of Science Journalists (NFSJ)

Congratulations to the Nepal Forum of Science Journalists (NFSJ), which is joining the WFSJ as its 54th Member Association.

The NFSJ was formally registered in Kathmandu, Nepal on January 27, 2014. From the start, its mission was to give momentum to science journalism in Nepal and to support capacity building of journalists covering science-technology, health, environment, agriculture, astronomy and other related fields.

“Very few issues about science have come to light in newspapers, online, television and other media in Nepal. Under the given circumstances, Nepal Forum of Science Journalists (NFSJ) has been formed with the initiative of working journalists for the promotion of ‘science journalism’”.

The organization is a nonprofit social organization with a membership of 25 science journalists working in news agency, newspaper, TV and online.