Special Meeting for Members on June 1st at 9 a.m. EST — Changes to Board Election

The Board Elections for the next two-year term of the WFSJ Board are a little more than a month away. As the current Board of Directors looks for ways to secure the long-term success of the Federation, we feel we need to make some changes to our governance structure. 

The first important change is the size of the WFSJ Board. Currently, the Board is made of seven (7) Directors. We would like to expand the size of the Board to include nine (9) Directors. We feel it will bring several benefits. This amendment will require a majority vote of the WFSJ Members present at a Special Meeting.

The second important change is the procedure for the selection of a President of the Board.

Please read the letter here from the WFSJ’s Board of Directors for more details and an explanation on the proposed changes.


Both these items will be discussed at a virtual meeting on Thursday, June 1, 9 a.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST).

It will be an opportunity to vote on the expansion of the number of Directors and discuss the process for selecting the President. We urge all WFSJ member associations to take part in this meeting.

To attend the virtual meeting, please send an email ASAP with the name and email address of your association’s representative who will attend the virtual meeting to info@wfsj.org before Tuesday, May 30th.

You can also assign a proxy by filling the form here and send it back to info@wfsj.org before Tuesday, May 30th.

An email with detailed instructions on how to join the virtual meeting will be sent to your assigned representative as soon as possible.


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