Welcome to our 55th Member Association: the Mexican Network of Science Journalists (redMPC)

Congrats to the Mexican Network of Science Journalists or Red Mexicana de Periodistas de Ciencia (redMPC) joining the WFSJ as its 55th Member Association. The redMPC was formally created in January 2016 as a civil association and the first of its kind in Mexico.

RedMPC is created by 29 founding members, all of whom are journalists or communicators and students sharing an interest in strengthening and promoting high-quality science journalism. The objectives of RedMPC are the boosting of journalism through focusing on science, technology and innovation and its free practice in Mexico through an emphasis on quality, accuracy and journalistic rigor.

The network will be advocating for a free press, free speech and expression of ideas, as well as for better economic and working conditions and most notably for the security of those who exercise their profession.

RedMPC also seeks to foster communication between civil society and the scientific and technological community, members of the private sector and state bodies responsible for promoting, encouraging and developing science, technology, and innovation.

The Network will also promote training opportunities and scholarships for journalists and science communicators. It will pursue the creation of an official space for a rational and public discussion on journalism and science that are made in Mexico.


You can follow RedMPC on their blogFacebook page or Twitter account.

For any questions about the network please write to redmpc2015@gmail.com.

Previous blog post from January 2016


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