Chhatra Karki (Nepal)


Back in 2000, I visited a natural disaster-prone impoverished village in southern plain of Nepal with a team of climate researchers. The team of scientists was trying to understand the phenomena of climatic extremities, its impacts, and vulnerabilities, and find the solutions. Local communities were suffering from climate related disasters for years, science was there, solutions were out there, however, neither the local people understood the complex science of weather and climate change, nor could the Scientists communicate the issues in public language. As a journalist, this incident touched me and, I realized that this communication barrier between scientists and public is a tremendous opportunity for journalists like me to serve in science journalism field.

In my understanding, science reporting in public media can bridge the gap between science, society and policy. It can aware the public, inform the policy and provide feedback to the scientific communities. To date, I have covered different science related issues including the environment, health, climate change, energy, natural resources management and other scientific innovations. Apart from writing and reporting on science-related issues, I have been continuously collaborating and interacting with scientists, presenting papers, and delivering training and mentoring fellow journalists to mainstream science journalism in national media. I am the founding president of Nepal Forum of Science Journalists (NFSJ) that was established in 2014. This organization is highly recognized at the national level. In my leadership, NFSJ has built partnerships with Ministry of Science of Nepal Government, National Academy of Science and Technology, Tribhuvan University and Kathmandu University in order to disseminate the outcomes of scientific researchers and science conferences. Institutionally, we are expanding our network at regional and global level. NFSJ is an active member association of World Federation of Science Journalists (WFSJ).

I am familiar with the mission and objectives of WFSJ and I share common interests to bridge between science, scientists and the public. Since 7th world congress in 2011, I have regularly been participating the Congress, sharing my experiences, learning from fellow journalists from all over the world and expanding my professional network. In Doha conference, I participated as a Participant and shared my journalistic experience. With the financial support from Finnish Ministry of Culture, I attended the 8th conference in Helsinki, Finland in 2013. At the 9th conference Seouloul, Korea, I was invited as a speaker to present on Nepal Earthquake 2015.

Having long-standing experience in science journalism, professional network at multiple level, and sharing common values with WFSJ, I consider myself as an appropriate candidate for the WFSJ Board. Provided the opportunity, I am highly committed to contribute my time and efforts to achieve the goal of the organization. With the collective decision, my initiatives will be on expanding membership, developing capacity of the members, extending regional collaboration and increasing the interface with scientists. In addition, I will contribute on the activities initiated by the WFSJ Board.

Chhatra Karki  President, Nepal Forum of Science Journalists

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