Manuel Lino (Mexico)


I’d like to start by explaining how I envision my participation as a board member of the WFSJ. To do that, I think about the two WFSJ-Kavli Symposia I attended. In those occasions, it became clear to me that the journalists from the US, Canada and the UE didn’t have much idea on what was going on in the countries from the developing world and how science journalism could be of help to the people who live here. We were there, at the symposia, watching some wonderful examples of science journalism that were impossible to follow with the kind of jobs, outlets, time and resources that we usually have.

Just to give you an example, according to a survey made in 2013, in Mexico City there are less than 50 reporters covering science at all, and from those only 17 could say that that is their main activity. As far as we in the Mexican Network of Science Journalists (RedMPC) know, in the rest of the country there are no reporters that could say that science is their main subject.

I should follow by saying that I’m filing this application not only with the support of the Directive Council of the RedMPC, but following its specific request to do so.

Besides the two Kavli Symposia, the only other activity of the WFSJ in which I participated was the Members’ Special Meeting held in June 1st. And I have to confess that I’m not going to the WCSJ 2017, although I did put the WFSJ in contact with the Mexican National Council for Science and Technology (CONACYT) and, as a result from that, some Mexican reporters will have the funds to go… As for me, I trusted that at least one of the two session proposals I was in would be selected, but none was.

Since last May 31st I’m a freelancer, so I’ll be able to make time for the meetings with fellow board members and other duties that the position at the board will require.

Regarding my contribution to science journalism, on the one hand, I worked as the editor of the cultural section of the newspaper El Economista for around 12 years. During that time, I oriented the section to cover science as a part of culture. At first, I did the reporting myself; later, I managed to open a position for a science reporter and also for a freelance science writer and that structure remains. That led to the curious fact that, eventually in the newspaper we were the ones covering science related topics that had little to do culture, like innovation.

On the other hand, I consider the formation of the RedMPC somewhat of a personal achievement. We were four enthusiast persons in the starting team, but it was me who proposed the idea in the first place and the one in charge to invite other Mexican science journalists to believe in the idea and join us.

Manuel Lino  President of RedMPC (Mexican Network of Science Journalists)

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