Ochieng Ogodo (Kenya)


Science is at the core of global sustainable development agenda as it is closely linked – if not at the heart – too many key global challenges such as energy, food security, biodiversity, land use, climate change, among others.

The creation of linkages between these different spheres of life and those impacted – positively or negatively – needs an informed society for informed choices. Society needs information that is easy to understand from science, technology, and innovations.

Shoring up these and bridging the gap between science and scientists on one hand, and members of society not immersed in science movement on the other is one of the fundamental functions of WFSJ.

The WFSJ will do this through capacity building of journalists interested in science news reporting, the creation of networks as well as floorboards in on-job learning processes, among many others. There is also the need to shop around for funds to drive the Federation’s programs.

It is these and other relevant needs, that gives me the motivation to seek to be one of the board members of this August global science journalists organization to help advance its mission and vision, not only for the benefit of the journalists but the global ecosystems that we share as humans.

Having been involved in the WFSJ activities such as its conferences and training activities, I believe I have enough knowledge and experience to help take it to another level in its growth.

It is my desire to become a board member so that I can, together with other board members, participate fully and effectively in board meetings and ensure implementation of resolutions thereof.

From my Nairobi station, I have no doubt that I will be able to make time available to be present at face-to-face meetings as well as virtual meetings and to communicate effectively and work cohesively with fellow board members as I have done before with WFSJ, other science journalists and organisations across the globe since I ventured into science journalism about twenty years ago.

Within the African context, I have so much been involved in making contributions to science journalism and one such demonstration was helping start a leading national science journalists association in Kenya, the Kenya Environment and Science Journalists (KENSJA), that I was its founding chairperson and the current patron.

I have been widely involved in science journalism movement, helping build capacity for science journalists across Africa and beyond.

Science journalists, as conduits for information coming out of events, studies… must keep abreast with new developments, which are enhanced tremendously with networking and stewardship of WFSJ.

This requires leadership anchored on those with great experience and commitment in science journalism: I am one of them. My record as a science journalist clearly gives me the motivation to seek to be on the board of the Federation to help advance its role globally.

I, therefore, offer my candidature to the Nomination Committee and Voting Delegates to give me chance to serve on the board. Thank you all and long live WFSJ.

Ochieng Ogodo  Kenya Environment and Science Journalists Association

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