Primers, Program & Biographies for #KS4Austin available!

The science journalism landscape is continually shifting as information on science becomes more accessible. In a world where information moves quickly, open source data has given rise to data journalism and an era where journalists need to vet the authenticity of data often before scientific experts can provide their consensus or seal of approval.

The  4th Kavli Symposium on Science Journalism that will be held in Austin, Texas in February 2018 (19-21 February) is produced by the WFSJ in partnership with the Kavli Foundation and traditionally takes place every year right after the AAAS meeting.

For this fourth edition, the Symposium will zoom in on Technology & Truths and how to ethically harness the potential of open source data and avoid fake news. Several key questions will be addressed during the meeting, such as Can new technology be used to generate science journalism? And what are the possible pitfalls and challenges ahead?

The exciting program will be built around four sessions that will tackle subjects such as Data Journalism, Protecting data sources and personal data, Fact-checking and misinformation, and Artificial Intelligence’s potential role in the production of science news.


A PDF-version of the program can be downloaded here. A two-page document with the Symposium’s primers can be downloaded here.


See all the participants’ biographies here.

More info on the previous three Kavli Symposiums can be found here.



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