Science journalism needs more voices from the Global South

In the age of post-truth politics, it is imperative for us to rely on science stories as the source of objective information. In climate change issues, politicians speak their ideology and economic interests while the scientists speak the facts. And so with other “controversial” topics such as vaccines and the teaching of evolution. Scientists are always those holding the “truth”. But science stories are not always those that deal with controversial issues. There are stories about new discoveries and everything that deals with scientific communities. But have we ever questioned whose scientists we are listening to in these stories?READ MORE

Truth in the age of Technology: Second report on #KS4Austin

The 4th Kavli Symposium on science journalism was held 19-21 February in Austin, TX. More than 50 science journalists and computer scientists gathered in Austin and discussed Fact Checking, Data Journalism, Artificial Intelligence and Technology and Truths.

With the breathtaking and rapid advancement that is happening in the realm of science and technology, all of the aspects of our life-changing are interconnecting with science and technology. These rapid shifts mean that not only science journalists have many stories to cover, and lots of areas that should explore, explain, and watchdog, but also the methodology of their work profoundly changed.READ MORE