2019 Election Candidates

Dear members of the WFSJ, dear Voting Delegates,

You will find below the six candidates for the 3 open board positions. 

All six candidates have an impressive background, are enthusiastic and are already engaged on behalf of our community. Together with my colleagues at the WFSJ office, I will be fortunate to take direction and input from any of them.

However, the Voting Delegates will be able to vote for three of these candidates.  Please do take time to read all the information provided by the candidates and do not hesitate to contact them directly. You will be asked to cast your vote between 27 May and 3 June. I will write directly to you, the Voting Delegates, with further instructions on the voting process.

The three new board members will join the current Directors, as follows:

  • From North-America:
    • Ms. Bouchra Ouatik, Canada
    • M. Tim Lougheed, Treasurer, Canada
  • From Europe:
    • Ms. Milica Momcilovic, Vice-President, Serbia
  • From Latin-America:
    • M. Federico Kukso, Argentina
  • From Africa:
    • Ms. Mandi Smallhorne, Secretary, South Africa
    • M. Ochieng Ogodo, Kenya
    • M. Mohammed Yahia, past-president ex-officio Egypt

In casting you votes, do bear in mind that the Board of the WFSJ should be a representation of our community, with its differences, gender balance and regional diversity.

Thank you.

Christophe Bourillon — Executive Director, on behalf of the Board of Directors

Andrada Fiscutean, Romania

Ashraf Amin, Egypt

Esther Nakkazi, Uganda

Harry Surjadi, Indonesia

Joseph Mbeng Boum, Cameroon

Sunny Bains, United Kingdom