Croatian science journalist sued for revealing alternative medicine ‘bioenergy’ healer

Alternative medicine and pseudoscience have found a footing in Croatian society, so much so that they are reported as facts on public TV stations (HRT) in shows such as At the Edge of Science (Na Rubu Znanosti) and even the Alphabet of Health (Abeceda Zdravlja), which recently aired a programme about cancer focused on dubious assertions made by a bioenergy healer.


Kavli Prize Week – Discover the six-day program

Saturday, September 1st will be kick-off day for The Kavli Prize Week in Oslo, Norway (1-6 September).

Five science journalists from Colombia, China, Mexico, Australia/Japan and South Africa, will be participating in the award ceremony and the exciting six-day program built around this high-profile event honouring and recognizing the 2018 laureates/scientists for their seminal advances in the research areas of Astrophysics: the origin, structure, and composition of the cosmos, Nanoscience: science at the atomic scale, and Neuroscience: science of the human brain.

Discover the Kavli Prize Week’s program here. 

The profiles of the five science journalists that will attend can be consulted here. Shorty after the Kavli Prize Week we will post on the WFSJ blog some of the journalists’ experiences of the event.


View or review the 2nd Science Talks on Tackling Ebola

The second Science Talk on Tackling Ebola took place on Tuesday 24 July at 11:00 am EST. In this session, Dr. Peter Halfmann, Research Associate Professor at the Influenza Research Institute at the University of Wisconsin, discussed the latest facts and figures on this infectious disease including news about vaccines.

Attendees learned more about:

  • The current situation in regions affected by the Ebola virus and if there is still any danger.
  • Where we stand with the research on finding a vaccine and if the latest human trials were successful.
  • When the vaccine will be made available for humans affected in regions by the Ebola virus.
  • What the future will bring in terms of infectious diseases, such as Ebola.
  • How local journalists can better report on infectious diseases including what they should look for, what kind of questions to ask, what resources they should use.

Kavli Symposium Europe: Constructing the Future of Science Journalism in Europe

During a one-day meeting at ESOF2018 in Toulouse on July 9th, 28 innovative science journalists and change makers in newsrooms from a total of 13 countries (10 European) gathered for the first edition of the European Kavli Symposium to discuss, explore and envision the future of science journalism in Europe.

The Symposium was the first opportunity to reflect on digital formats, such as The Guardian’s interactive description of urban scenarios, Propublica’s Houston storm vulnerability and Lookout360. The participants started with building a case on how to make compelling science stories for the public as well as on the benefits of collaborating on making these digital formats a new reality.

The meeting was also a first step in exploring a collaboration between American and European science journalists. Both groups agreed that there is still a considerable amount of work required in the field of fact-checking sources and to help better determine the accuracy and correctness of factual statements in articles, reports, publications, etc.

The next European Kavli Symposium will be on building a wider reflexion on the challenges of science reporting in Europe.

Stay tuned for a full report on the first Symposium that will be shared soon.

Now out. The July issue of Sayansi with a special focus on HIV/AIDS in Kenya

Our Kenyan Member Association, the Media for Environment, Science, Health and Agriculture (MESHA), publishes SAYANSI, a regular science magazine focusing on science news in Kenya and the wider region. The July issue has a special focus on HIV/AIDS and includes articles on self-testing, halting the spread of the disease, vaccine development, as well as an interesting selection of other science news. Pick-up your copy of SAYANSI here