The European Conference for Science Journalists 2017 (ECSJ2017) – Copenhagen, 26-30 June

The 4th European Conference for Science Journalists (ECSJ2017)Bringing Science Forward is the main gathering for European science journalists and communicators. It will take place 26-30 June in Copenhagen, Denmark. The conference will be a week of inspiration and cooperation among engaged and talented professionals. Together, they will show the importance of science in our daily lives and explore the opportunities and benefits of new media.READ MORE

Digital Revolution at the Swiss Association of Science Journalism (SASJ)

The Swiss Association of Science Journalism (SASJ) launched on Monday, April 24th a new, subdued looking website adapted to all supports and housing a powerful social network. The on Facebook and LinkedIn modeled network will allow its 350 member journalists and editors to connect virtually across all regions in Switzerland. Such direct exchanges will encourage active discussions and the sharing of information, and perhaps even for some unedited collaborations among journalists.READ MORE

Welcome! to the Nepal Forum of Science Journalists (NFSJ)

Congratulations to the Nepal Forum of Science Journalists (NFSJ), which is joining the WFSJ as its 54th Member Association.

The NFSJ was formally registered in Kathmandu, Nepal on January 27, 2014. From the start, its mission was to give momentum to science journalism in Nepal and to support capacity building of journalists covering science-technology, health, environment, agriculture, astronomy and other related fields.READ MORE

Triggering Change – How Investigative Journalists in Sub-Saharan Africa Contribute to Solving Problems in Society

In-depth and investigative journalism that goes beyond reporting the daily events is an essential element of liberal democracies but rare in Sub-Saharan Africa, and yet it exists – under difficult circumstances.

In one of the major journalism support programs in the region – the Science Journalism Cooperation Project (SjCOOP) – it was discovered that a considerable number of journalists aim to influence public policy through their reporting and do ‘achieve an impact’. But how does this work in environments that are hardly supportive of this kind of journalism? So far, almost all media effects research has been conducted in Western countries and little is known about the effects of investigative journalism in Sub-Saharan Africa. READ MORE

Apply for a Travel Fellowship to Attend WCSJ2017 (Call also available in Spanish)

Call for Travel Fellowships to attend the conference in San Francisco (October 26-30, 2017). Deadline has passed (was March 15, 2017).

Thanks to generous support from foundations, media organizations, and individual donors, the 10th World Conference of Science Journalists is excited to offer travel fellowships for professional and student attendees from the U.S. and abroad.READ MORE