Le 85e Congrès de l’Acfas accueille des milliers de chercheurs de 30 pays, incluant de l’Afrique

L’Association francophone pour le savoir (Acfas), en collaboration avec l’Université McGill, organise la 85e édition du Congrès de l’Acfas à Montréal, Canada (8 > 12 mai 2017). Ce congrès annuel est le plus important rassemblement multidisciplinaire du savoir et de la recherche de la Francophonie, accueille des milliers de chercheurs et d’utilisateurs de la recherche provenant d’une trentaine de pays.READ MORE

March for Science // Marche pour la science Montreal – 22 April/Avril

Ce samedi 22 avril à 12 h aura lieu à Montréal la marche pour la science et pour la Terre ! La marche partira de la Place Émilie-Gamelin qui se trouve juste en face de la Grande Bibliothèque, BAnQ. Invitez vos amis et partage l’événement par la page Facebook de la marche.

This Saturday 22 April at 12:00 the March for Science and the planet will take place in Montreal. The March starts at the Place Émilie-Gamelin just in front of the Grande Bibliothéque, BAnQ. Invite your friends and share the event on the March’s Facebook page.

Reporting on Ebola in Liberia During the Outbreak. Interview With Liberian Journalist Alpha Senkpeni.

In November 2016, Liberian journalist, Alpha Daffae Senkpeni, was invited by the WFSJ to take part in a panel on crisis and risk communication at the Canadian Science Policy Conference (CSPC2016) in Ottawa, Canada.

Mr. Senkpeni, a reporter for AllAfrica.com and Front Page Africa, explained in a short interview that he decided to specialize in health reporting during the Ebola crisis when he realized that health reporting can help save lives.

Véronique Morin, a science journalist from Montreal, interviewed Mr. Senkpeni just before returning to Liberian.READ MORE

The State of Science Journalism in Montenegro

‘The Declaration of Ecological State’ was signed by Montenegro in Zabljak on 20th September 1991. According to the declaration: “by establishing the state relation with nature, the Montenegrin Assembly committed all generations to refer to nature as to the health source and inspiration for freedom, as well as to devote to its preservation in the name of their own survival and future descendants.” But in reality, things are a little bit differentREAD MORE

Germany’s TELI Redesigns Website and Launches a New Campaign

Founded in 1929 in Berlin, the German Science Writers Association or TELI is the world’s oldest association of technical and scientific journalists. Approaching its 90th birthday it was about time to update the website, to adjust the association’s constitution to the realities of the 21st century and to define new targets of engagement. TELI is a member of the WFSJ.READ MORE