CSWA Book Awards for General Audience and Youth Books

The Canadian Science Writers’ Association offers two annual book awards to honour outstanding contributions to science writing:

1) intended for and available to children/middle grades ages 8-12 years
2) intended for and available to the general public. Competitors must be Canadian citizens or residents of Canada, but need not be members of the CSWA.

Data Journalism Workshop in Seoul June 8-11, 2015

A three-day workshop on data journalism took place in Seoul, South Korea, in accordance with the 9th World Conference of Science Journalists (WCSJ). A total of 15 participants attended the activity: 10 participants selected through an open competition from Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Nepal and Sri Lanka, on top of a project manager, and three trainers.

Approximately 50 applications were received from the region: The management team included one journalist from Sri Lanka and one journalist from Nepal among the participants as an effort to expand SjCOOP Asia’s network. The selection criteria put emphasis on professional quality, and reflected gender and geographic balance.READ MORE

Ugandan Health Journalists Link Up With Scientists at Science Cafés

Once every month, health journalists in Uganda attend a Science Café. It is usually held on a Wednesday from 3-5 pm, a day and time largely selected by them.

The Health Journalists Network in Uganda (HEJNU), an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to increasing understanding of health care issues and improving health literacy among Africans organises the Science Cafés in partnership with AVAC, a global non-profit organisation that works to accelerate the ethical development and global delivery of HIV prevention options.READ MORE

Cancer World Journalist Grants 2015

What is the Cancer World Journalist Grant?

The Cancer World Journalist Grant was created in order to encourage high-quality reporting on cancer. Print, broadcast and new media journalists are invited to apply for a Cancer WorldJournalist Grant that will enable them complete a reporting project on a particular topic relating to cancer. We are looking for projects that explore systemic issues that have a significant impact on cancer patients and that provide comprehensive coverage on the topic rather than short spot-reports from the field.READ MORE

The Synergy between Scientists & Journalists to set up a Science-Literate Indonesian Society

The Conference of Indonesian Science Journalists was launched on Saturday, August 29th, 2015 in the Forestry Research and Development Center (Puslitbang) in Bogor.

This important event was organized by the Society of Indonesian Science Journalists (SISJ) in collaboration with the Ministry of Forestry and Environmental Affairs (LHK), the World Federation of Science Journalists and the Sasakawa Peace Foundation.READ MORE

Where It Counts Most! Crowdfunding Has Positive Impact

Gmuma Camara is a correspondent at the Guinean Radio-Télévision in N’zérékoré in the mountainous, remote region of Guinea. It is in this dense forest region that the first Ebola cases appeared more than a year ago. Gmuma covers the surrounding villages and communities on foot and by motorcycle, when he can afford to. His reporting is an important link between these communities and the rest of the country, a vital lifeline in the fight against Ebola.READ MORE