Former WFSJ board member, Pallava Bagla, receives National Journalism Award

In celebration of India’s annual National Science Day, the country’s Ministry of Science and Technology has awarded Science correspondent Pallava Bagla the 2015 National Award for Outstanding Efforts in Science and Technology Communication in the Electronic Medium for his body of work in new media.

The national award was presented on 1 March by India’s Science minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan at the Department of Science and Technology in New Delhi.READ MORE

Call for more initiatives to improve science communication at 2nd Kenya Science Journalists Congress

At least 80 science journalists, communicators, scientists and researchers from Eastern Africa gathered on November 23-24, 2015 in Nairobi for the second Kenya Science Journalists Congress 2015. Over 30 presentations from different science and research organizations were made during the two-day congress widely hailed as a catalyst for science communication in the region.READ MORE

A new dawn for the Uganda Science Journalists Association (USJA)

Between 2008 and 2013 the Uganda Science Journalists Association (USJA) was growing in strides. Within that six year period it successfully organised an international science journalism conference, bided for the 2011 World Conference of Science Journalists, held annual science journalism fora and even gave awards of excellence to Ugandan science journalists. The following years and months had nothing much to write home about as the association could barely hold any activity to keep members together. But there is a fresh beginning – a new life that should see USJA grow stronger.READ MORE

Ebola: Improving Science-Based Communication & Local Journalism 

CORRESPONDANCE: WFSJ responds to letter originally published in the Lancet (Aug 29, p 851)

The unprecedented epidemic of Ebola in west Africa has exposed not only response failures of governments, international institutions, and public health agencies, but also the ineffectiveness of using disconnected top down health messages during public health emergencies. Gilles Guerrier and colleagues’ letter (Aug 29, p 851) (1) on the need to strengthen scientific journalism in Africa is spot on.READ MORE

The Kenya Science Journalists Congress 2015

The Kenya Science Journalists Congress is part of an effort to push for quality science journalism in Africa.

Nearly 100 international and local science journalists, communication professionals, scientists and policy makers will meet on November 23rd and 24th in Nairobi, Kenya to network, share ideas on the future of science journalism, and disseminate the latest in research and development.

There will be pre-congress field trips on health, agriculture, technology and environment to capture the interest of all participants.

More information on the Kenya Science Journalists Congress will soon be available on the MESHA website.