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Joined: 2020-04-15
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About Me

Fangpusun Grid 300 and Fangpusun Grid 500
The inverter comprises the Fangpusun Grid 300 and Fangpusun Grid 500 inverters, with rated outputs of 300W and 500W, respectively.
The Grid 300 and the Grid 500 are built in a modular manner and are simple to install. With distribution over three phases, the system can at any time be expanded as desired, and thus flexibly adapts to your solar power system. fangpsun Grid 300 and fangpusun Grid 500 have an independent MPP tracker and achieve a very high efficiency of up to 95.8 %.
Product features
鈥lexible and expandable
鈥igh efficiency
鈥iniString concept
鈥ow weight
鈥imple installation
鈥all-mounting with top-hat rail
Electronic protection functions
鈥ntegrated temperature monitoring with output derating
鈥ulti-coloured LED shows operating states
鈥nited Kingdom variants as per G83 available
Guarantee service
Fangpusun MiniString inverters come with a 5-year guarantee. The guarantee period can be optionally extended up to 10 years.

Grid 300Grid 500
DC input side(PV-generator
Maximum start voltage135V230V
Maximum input voltage135V230V
Minimum input voltage45V
Minimum input voltage for rated output64V106V
MPP vntage45V -100v75v-170v
Maximum inout current5A
Maximum input power at maximum active output power320W530W
Maximum recommended Py power375Wp625Wp
AC output side (Grid connaction)
Grid volage185. 276 V(copending on region settings)
Rated id voltage230V
Maximum output current1.5A2.17A
Maximum active power (cos ph- 1)300W500W
Rated power30W500W
Rated fequency50 HZ
Fequency47 Hz.a. 52 Hz (depending on regional settings)
Night-time power loss0W
Feeding phases
Distortion factor (cos phi- 1)<6%(max.power
standby power0W
Isolation principleno galvanic isolation. transformerless
Grid manitoring version Grid 300 UK resp. 500UKVoltage(230v+15%/-10%)
frequency (50 Hz +0.5 Hz/-3 Hz)voltage(230V+10%/-10%)
frequency (50 Hz+0.5 Hz/-3 Hz)
Grid monitoring version Grid 300 ES resp. 500ESVoltage(230v+10%/-15%)
Frequency (50 Hz+/-1Hz)voltage(230V+10%/-15%)
frequency (50 Hz+0.5 Hz/-1 Hz)
Grid manitoring version Grid 300 IT resp 500 ITvoltage(230V +/-20 %)
frequency (50Hz +/-0.3 Hz)voltage(230V +/-20 %)
frequency (50Hz +/-0.3 Hz)
Operating conditions
Area of applicationindoor rooms. with or without air condaionino
Ambient temperature-20掳c...+45掳C
Relative humidity0%...95%
Noise emission
DC output side connectionMulti-Contact Mc 3. MC 4
AC output side connectionStecker Weland Electric GST 18i3V
Dimensions (XxYxZ)176x243x71mm
Communication interfaceno
Integrated DC circuit breakerno
Cooling principlenatural convection

Xihe Electric is one of the leading China Grid 500w manufacturers, our factory is able to produce cheap grid 500w Grid 500w with reliable quality. Welcome to wholesale products from us.On Grid Inverter

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