How to join the WFSJ?

« At the Argentine Network of Science journalists, we want to communicate with other science journalism associations around the world. We would like to receive opportunities for fellowships, scholarships, and other kind of meetings for our members. »

Valeria Román
Argentine Network of Science Journalists

Interested in becoming a member association?

Please complete our Membership Application Form and return it to the address mentioned below with your charter or incorporation document.

Take a look at the publication written by science journalist Barbara Drillsma on setting up your own science journalist’s association. Download the full publication here.

Do not hesitate to contact us with your questions on setting up your science journalists association and on becoming an Associate Member by sending an email to

Membership criteria 

The WFSJ accepts organizations that group science journalists. Organizations can work at the city, provincial, state, regional, national or international level and include members of other professions like science writers, public information officers, researchers, as well as science and technology centers (science museums) employees, etc.

Key criteria are that the organization:

  • Represents science journalists
  • Elects its governing body
  • Its governing body meets regularly
  • It has a constitution

Those not fulfilling the above criteria but wish to be associated with our activities can do so by applying to be a partner of the World Federation.

Membership fee

The annual membership fee is currently set at $ 1 USD per member in your association on January 31 of each year, with up to a maximum of $ 300 USD.

In the case of beginning associations, applications to waive the fee can be made to the Board for special consideration.

You can make the membership fee payment here.

Apply for membership

Download, fill out and sign the Membership Application Form, and send it back to us via email or ordinary mail with:

  1. Your charter or incorporation document
  2. Minutes of the latest members’ general meeting, or board meeting

Mailing address
World Federation of Science Journalists
1195 Wellington Street, bureau 301
Montréal (QC) H3C 1W1


« At the time I was sceptical of the need for another supranational science journalism body as were my fellow executive (ABSW) committee members and could not see any point in the WFSJ. However, I saw the potential of the organisation and was co-opted to the board. I saw that the international community of science journalists could work together to promote critical science coverage and help each other, especially those associations in countries where there was little science coverage. 

I proposed that the ABSW join WFSJ at our Annual General Meeting of that year attended by our members as well as our executive committee members. The vote to join was unanimous. Since then, as many of you know the ABSW has been a leading and supportive association for WFSJ including organising and hosting the highly successful London WCSJ.

In terms of your strategy – the reason we converted from sceptics to enthusiasts is that WFSJ had a glorious, inspiring vision. I think the same is true of other associations too. »

Pallab Ghosh
Science correspondent for BBC News