Membership Fee Payment

The WFSJ uses PayPal to facilitate the yearly payment of membership fees for its member associations. 

The membership fee payment is set at $ 1 USD per member in your association on January 31 of each year, with up to a maximum of $ 300 USD. 


  1. Choose the exact amount from the drop down menu below based on the number of members in your association.
  2. Click on the Buy Now button. You will be taken to the secure PayPal-site to fill out your payment options. 
  3. If using PayPal is not an option for your association, conventional payment methods could be used.
  4. Choosing a higher membership fee is also an option. Go to this page if you wish to do so.  

If you need more information or any help with a payment contact the WFSJ office via

Fill Out Association Name

Note: The WFSJ does not have access to your bank information or credit card number details.