Policies & Bylaws


The bylaws relating to the transaction of the business and affairs of the World Federation of Science Journalists / Fédération Mondiale des Journalistes Scientifiques can be found here.

Anti-corruption policy

Corruption threatens good governance, sustainable development, democratic process, and fair business practices.

The purpose of our anti-corruption policy is to support a behavior characterized by high standards of personal and organisational integrity, both internally and with other external stakeholders (partners).

All our employees, are obligated to follow this anti-corruption policy and any breaches of this policy shall be reported through the WFSJ complaint mechanism.

All corruption incidents, partner organisations or other incidents related to our activities must be reported into the complaint mechanism. If you get suspicion, hear rumours about corruption or experience any other doubt you can ask for advice here as well.

You need to file an official complaint by sending an email to complaints@wfsj.org. No anonymous complaints are accepted. The complaint will be handled confidentially and with great respect for the complainant and the persons/organisations the complaint is pointing at.

Our anti-corruption policy can be read in full here.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability policy

Our sustainability policy statement provides a framework for sustainable and responsible operations, activities, and practices across the WFSJ.

It was written to provide all our employees with a set of guidelines for our Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability initiatives. This ensures that we will not only provide tangible benefits to the community but will also enhance its corporate profile and public image.

The CSR & Sustainability policy can be read in full here.

Supplier management policy

We are committed to being a sustainable not-for-profit organization and aspire to be an overall positive contributor to our communities, people and the environment. We recognize that our performance depends on that of our suppliers and we aim to work in partnership with them in delivering value and in working towards our vision to create and sustain environments that enrich people’s lives.

Our suppliers include all organisations from which we source goods and services in the development and operation and in our organization’s activities. Potentially many of our suppliers become our representatives through their engagement with our customers and communities.

We aim to build long-term collaborative partnerships with organisations that share our values and that are willing and capable of helping us achieve our aspirations. We expect our suppliers to share our commitment to sustainability and to be able to demonstrate how they fulfill this commitment, consistent with our policies.

We engage our suppliers by using a variety of different sourcing strategies and recognize that we need to find the balance between having a consistent approach across our supply chain and retaining flexibility that supports creative solutions. Therefore, whilst our goal is the same, our approach to engaging and managing our suppliers may vary.

The complete supplier management policy can be found here.