World Conference of Science Journalism in San Francisco (Oct. 26-30, 2017)

The 10th World Conference of Science Journalism (WCSJ2017) will be held October 26-30, 2017 in San Francisco, California.

The theme of the conference is “Bridging Science and Societies”, connecting audiences around the world with science that affects and informs their daily lives.

First highlights of the WCSJ2017:

  • First time the World Conference is organized in the United States
  • Science writers from 6 continents will participate in the Conference
  • Northern California has a rich science and technology environment
  • Focus on how to better communicate with the public about science developments and their impact
  • Topics will span science and technology-based issues, such as climate change, energy innovation, agriculture, genetics, vaccines, earthquake prediction and space exploration.
  • Special attention to programming and financial support to encourage participation and training for Latin American science journalists
  • Partnerships with two preeminent research universities the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) and the University of California, Berkeley

A preliminary program overview can be consulted here.


The presentation brochure on the Conference can be found here.

All sponsorship information can be found here.

WCSJ website: – Conference hashtag: #WCSJ2017


For becoming a sponsor, exhibitor, advertiser or tour host for WCSJ2017 

Rosalind Reid (CASW)
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For proposing speakers, sessions or ancillary events or registering 

Tinsley Davis (NASW)
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For supporting WFSJ and programs supporting science journalism worldwide

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