Following requests from its members, the World Federation of Science Journalists is now offering International Press Cards. The WFSJ Press Card is the only international Press Card allowing recognition and identification for science journalists worldwide. It is available to individual science journalists, who are members of WFSJ’s national/regional associations. The card will help freelance and other journalists in gaining access to press conferences and official meetings, especially in countries that do not provide national press cards. 

To obtain a WFSJ Press Card, you will be invited to submit an application form, to provide information such as a proof of identification and to document your activities as a working member of the science journalists community (see link below). 
You will also be asked to provide sponsorship of your application by a delegate nominated by your WFSJ national member association (see PART III of application form). We would welcome group applications for press cards to be coordinated by your national member association. 

Please note that the national member association must be in good standing with the WFSJ, including full payments of its membership fee.   

You will also be invited to provide a passport style photo in jpeg format.

The WFSJ Press Card is made of plastic, credit-card sized and produced professionally. It is valid for a 2-year period, at the following costs:

  • Members from non-OECD countries: CAD20 plus CAD10 for postage
  • Members from OECD countries: CAD33 plus CAD13 for postage.

By sending us your personal information contained within the application form, you agree to the fact that your information will need to be collected and processed for administrative purposes and to allow your application for a WFSJ press card to be managed and processed. Your personal information will accordingly be subject to collection, use, storing and processing. 

The WFSJ will be producing a Directory of Member which will be available in 2020. The aim of the Directory will be to allow members to identify – and connect with – each other across countries, fields of expertise, activities, etc. 

Should you wish your details to be included in the Directory, you have the option to provide additional information which will be displayed in the Directory (see PART V of application form).

Download the Application Form here

Please send this form back to with the subject title “PRESS CARD APPLICATION”.

Issued by: World Federation of Science Journalists – 1195 Rue Wellington, Bureau 301, Montreal (QC), Canada H3C 1W1