Bids for the 2021-23 World Conference

Bids are currently closed for the 61 Member Associations (MAs) to host the 2021- 2023 World Conference of Science Journalists (WCSJ) that will be organized in partnership with the Federation.

Bids are currently closed.

Why a four year timeline?

Based on our and past host experiences for organizing a World Conference a number of our members feel that a two-year timeframe to organize a conference – once the bid has been allocated – is too short. Therefore, transitioning to a four-year timeline will provide future host organizers more time to organize their teams, generate and develop partnerships and sponsorships as well as all activities necessary for the organization of such a major event for science journalism globally.

Things we look for in a bid

At the bidding stage, Board Members will focus on the overall quality of the bidding proposals. More specifically, a bid must demonstrate that it:

  • focuses on the development and sharing of science journalism’s knowledge, skills, and best practices
  • explains the readiness to collaborate actively with the WFSJ
  • reflects current or major issues in journalism, at national, regional and international levels. It can also consider the future of science journalism generally, the role of science journalists in society as well as the interconnections between science and journalism.
  • shows an indication of support from funders
  • provides a basic description of fields trips and side events
  • outlines a basic communication strategy

Please refer to the timeline below for important bidding deadlines.

Please refer to the complete conference guidelines for more details on the bidding and its requirements. Download the Conference Manual here.

Happy bidding!


If you need any support or extra information on the bidding process, you can contact the WFSJ Office via 

Bidding time for WCSJ2021 and WCSJ2023

More information can be found in the Conference Manual that can be downloaded here.

Date Action Timeline
End of January 2019 Feedback and recommendations provided by the World Federation to potential bidders At the latest 5 months before next WCSJ.  The WFSJ office can be consulted and will be happy to make recommendations at any time.
 Starting April 2019 Outreach starts by bidding association to potential supporters and sponsors in country to gain commitment and support 2-3 months prior to next WCSJ or before
3 May 2019 Bids to be submitted to WFSJ by email or via a Dropbox or Google Doc file.

[For details on what the bid document includes see sections 2 and 3 in the manual]

6 weeks prior to next WCSJ at which the bid will be presented
1-3 July 2019 Presentation delivered to WFSJ Board and delegates at the Bids Presentation session held at WCSJ.

[For details on preparing your presentation see Sections 2 and 3]

Usually during the pre-conference day at the next WCSJ
3-5 July 2019 Official announcement at the AGM by Executive Board on successful Member Association hosting the WCSJ2021 and WCSJ 2023 At the WCSJ