2017 Elections Process

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Four (4) international board positions will be elected — replacing 2 current board membres and adding 2 new positions. These positions will be filled through an online election process by secure electronic voting. The Canadian seat will according to the bylaws be nominated by the two Canadian Member Associations.

This page explains the different important steps in the election process.


Any member of a good standing member association of the Federation is eligible to apply for a position on the board. However, applicants must be able to prove their membership of an association (for more information see also the How to Apply section on this page).

Applicants must be ACTIVE science journalists.

Applicants will be judged on three main criteria:

  1. Their involvement in WFSJ activities such as its conferences and training activities.
  2. Their ability to participate fully and effectively in our board meetings. This includes demonstrating that they will be able to make time available to be present at face-to-face meetings as well as virtual meetings and to communicate effectively and work cohesively with fellow board members.
  3. Their contribution to science journalism and involvement with their own association. 


To apply please send an email with all required documents as listed below to the Nomination Committee at boardelection@wfsj.org. Mention the word “APPLICATION 2017” in the subject field of the email. All documents must be in English or accompanied by an English translation.

Required documents:

  • A Curriculum Vitae and a photo.
  • A letter of motivation of no more than 500 words as to how they have met the above criteria, their vision for the WFSJ, and what skills they would bring to the WFSJ Executive Board.
  • Two (2) letters of reference which should address the nomination criteria. Candidates who provide one of their references from a country outside of their own will be looked upon favorably by the Nomination Committee. Applicants who do not have a reference from a board member of their national association should be able to demonstrate in some other way their contribution to the work of their national association or to science journalism in their country.
  • Proof of membership: a scan of their membership card or an official letter from his/her association’s Board or president, to prove that they are a member of a WFSJ’s association member.

The deadline for applications is 7 July 2017. 


Applicants should make themselves available for a Skype or telephone interview by a member of the Nomination Committee. This would be sometime between 8 and 17 July 2017.

The Nomination Committee will nominate up to 10 of the best applicants to stand for election to the Executive Board. The Nominating Committee will aim to provide a selection of candidates that reflects the membership of the WFSJ, a mix of skills and background and is balanced in terms of gender.

The nominated candidates will have their photos, letters, and references posted on 21 July 2017, on a special election page on our website with all the nominated candidates. Candidates should be available from this point onwards to answer questions from voting representatives.


Each WFSJ member association will be asked to designate one voting delegate. The voting delegate can be the association’s president or his/her representative. The voting delegate cannot stand for election.

Secure electronic voting will be between 7 and 25 August 2017. The designated voting delegates will receive instruction by email to cast their vote online.

Each voting delegate can vote for four (4) candidates and will be requested to vote for a mix of candidates that reflect a fair gender balance, the membership of the WFSJ and a mix of skills and backgrounds. The four (4) candidates with the highest numbers of votes will be elected to the board.

The results will be announced on 29 August 2017. A second voting round can be organized if needed.

If possible we would like the new board members to attend a joint board meeting at the WCSJ 2017 in San Francisco on 29 October.


If you have any question about the election process please send an email to boardelection@wfsj.org with the word “QUESTION” in the subject field.

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5 June
Call for applications

7 July
Deadline for applications

8-17 July
Applicants screening and interviews

21 July
List of selected candidates posted on WFSJ’s website

7-25 August
Electronic vote

29 August
Winners announced

29 October
Winners become board members

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