2017 Voting Delegates

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For transparency purpose, a list of Voting Representatives for Association Members in the 2019 WFSJ Board Election is posted here.

An email with the voting link was sent to the voting delegates so they can cast the vote on behalf of their associations before the deadline of 3 June.

If you are a voting delegate and haven’t received an email yet, please send an email to boardelection@wfsj.org so we can assist you in voting.

The candidates may well email you to lobby for your vote. Voting representatives are expected to consult with your executive boards and members to consider which candidates to vote for. Individual members can also email their association’s representative to let them know what you think.

This list will be taken down after the electronic voting is completed for privacy reason.

Association Voting delegates Email
Argentinian Network of Science Journalists Matías Loewy matiasloewy@gmail.com
Australian Science Communicators Dr Craig Cormick President@asc.asn.au
Balkan Network of Science Journalists Alexandra Nistoroiu alexandra.nistoroiu@gmail.com
Bangladesh Science Writers & Journalists Forum Saadi Mir Lutful Kabir mlks19@gmail.com
Association des Journalistes et Communicateurs Scientifiques du Béninass Christophe Assogba assochrist2002@yahoo.fr
Brazilian Association of Science Journalism
Association des Journalistes et Communicateurs Scientifiques du Burkina Faso Ouattara Fatouma sofifa2@yahoo.fr
Cameroon Science For Life
Quebec Science Communicators Association  Stéphanie Thibault stephanie.thibault@inrs.ca
Science Writers and Communicators of Canada Tim Lougheed stormchild@sympatico.ca
Chilean Association of Science Journalists Gonzalo Argandoña gonzalo.argandona@achipec.org
Chinese Society for Science and Technology Journalism Ms. Xu Ying kjxw@sina.com  
Danish Science Journalists Association
Association Congolaise des Journalistes et Communicateurs Scientifiques
Arab Science Journalists Association Dalia Abdelsalam d.abdelsalam@nature.com
European Union of Science Journalists’ Associations
Finnish Association of Science Editors and Journalists Mikko Myllykoski Mikko.Myllykoski@heureka.fi
Association des Journalistes Scientifiques de la Presse d’Information Cecile Klingler cecile.klingler@gmail.com
German Association of Science Writers Hanns-J Neubert hajo.neubert@teli.de
German Association of Medical & Science Journalists Dr. Oliver Erens info@vmwj.de
German Science Journalists’ Association Martin Schneider Martin.Schneider@swr.de
Reseau des Journalistes et des Communicateurs Scientifiques d’Haiti Jean-Claude Dorsainvil meahaiti@yahoo.ca
Society of Indonesian Science Journalists Dyna Rochmyaningsih drochmya87@gmail.com
Irish Science & Technology Journalists Association Anthony King anthonyjking@gmail.com
Science Writers in Italy Fabio Turone turone@sciencewriters.it
Italian Association of Science Journalists Fabio Pagan fabio.p.pagan@gmail.com
Japanese Association of Science and Technology Journalists Toshio SATO sttoshi@ka2.so-net.ne.jp
Medical Journalists Association of Japan Ryu Kondoh kondohr@cosmopr.co.jp
Kenya Environment and Science Journalists Association Rosalia Omungo rayzalia@gmail.com
Media for Environment, Science, Health and Agriculture Aghan Daniel aghan@meshakenya.org
Korean Science Journalists Association
Dutch Association of Science Journalists
Association des Journalistes Scientifiques du Niger Abdou Mahamane Alhassane alhassaneabdou@yahoo.fr
African Federation of Science Journalists Linda Assante lindaagyei13@yahoo.co.uk
Nigeria Association of Science Journalists Onche Odeh odehbishop@yahoo.com 
Norwegian Organization of Science Journalists
Philippine Science Journalists Association
Association for Science Writers and Journalists Intellect Viola Egikova violae@mail.ru
Rwanda Association for Science Journalists
Somali Media for Environment, Science, Health and Agriculture Mr. Abdirahman Noor Ali sinaxariisleh7@gmail.com .
South African Science Journalists Association Mr Steven Lang steven.lang@gmail.com
Catalan Association for Scientific Communication Monica Vilalta Huguet monica.vilalta.huguet@gmail.com
Spanish Association of Science Communication Antonio Calvo Roy calvoroy@gmail.com
Swiss Association of Science Journalism Olivier Dessibourg dessibourgolivier@gmail.com
Science Journalists and Communicators of Togo
The Uganda Science Journalists Association William Bodinga wbodinga@hotmail.com
Association of British Science Writers Mico Tatalovic mico_tatalovic@hotmail.com
The Association of Health Care Journalists
International Science Writers Association Larry Krumenaker president@internationalsciencewriters.org
National Association of Science Writers Laura Helmuth laurahelmuth@comcast.net
Zimbabwe Environment and Science Journalists Association
Science Journalists Association of Montenegro Maria Bolevich mariabolevich@gmai.com
Nepal Forum of Science Journalists Rajan Pokhrel pokhrel.dkt@gmail.com
Mexican Network of Science Journalists Aleida Rueda aleidarueda@gmail.com

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