Membership with the WFSJ

WFSJ welcomes members from all over the world to have both positive and productive dialogue on all aspects of science journalism, including but not limited to research advancements, challenges, opportunities, and trends. The WFSJ is a community of professionals dedicated to the improvement of the science journalism field. There are many benefits to joining:

  • Access to training, webinars, information sessions
  • Connection and collaboration with members the world over to exchange ideas and information
  • Access to International Press Cards for associations in good standing
  • Member-Only resources, events, and seminars

List of Member Associations

Every member contributes to progress. View our current list of over sixty member associations here.

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If you are an association looking to join the WFSJ, you can find out more and apply for membership here.

International Press Cards

An individual looking to apply for an International Press Card can find more information on our press cards here.

Membership Payments

If you or your association need to make a membership payment, you can make your payment here.