The WFSJ uses PayPal to facilitate the annual payment of membership fees for its member associations. The membership fee payment is set at US$ 1 per member in your association on 31 January of each year, up to a maximum of US$ 300.

How to pay?

  • Enter your association’s name and click on the Buy Now button. You will be taken to the secure PayPal site to fill out your payment options.
  • Enter the number of members of your association in the Quantity box. If your association has more than 300 members, just enter the number 300.
  • If using PayPal is not an option for your association, conventional payment methods such as a credit card can be used.
If you need more information or any help with a payment, contact the WFSJ office at

2023 Submissions

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Note: The WFSJ does not have access to your bank information or credit card number details.

2024 Submissions

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