Meet the Members: Sandy Ong

Who I am: Sandy Ong | Where I live: Singapore What I do: I want to tell science & tech stories about the world around

Meet the Members: Pascalinah Kabi

Who I am: Pascalinah Kabi | Where I live: Lesotho What I do: There is no denying that science is the heartbeat of our everyday

A jab of JOI to treat the infodemic

Just as medical expertise has risen to the challenge of treating COVID and preventing its spread, a multidisciplinary network spread across five European countries is

New elements of style: covering trans

As discussion of trans people and related topics have become more prominent in the media, this coverage has introduced unwelcome variations in style. For every


As a partner in this year’s edition of the Science Journalism Forum, the WFSJ can offer 50 VIP passes to this on-line event. SJF, which

Meet the Members: Malavika Vyawahare

Who I am: Malavika Vyawahare Where I live: Madagascar What I do: Vyawahare started her career at The New York Times bureau in India. She

From numbers to knowledge

Following the Science is a data visualization project that celebrates the collaborative efforts of the global science community to help humankind understand and survive the pandemic.

Meet the Members: Stéphane Horel

Who I am: Stéphane Horel |   Where I live: France What I do: Horel works as a science journalist & lobbywatcher at Le Monde