All WFSJ Board members are volunteers.
The WFSJ wishes to extend extreme gratitude to board alumni who have generously given their time and effort to serve the global community of science journalism and science journalists.

Milica Momcilovic, Serbia (President)
Mandi Smallhorne, South Africa (Vice President)
Andrada Fiscutean, Romania (Secretary)
Sharon Oosthoek, Canada (Treasurer)
Federico Kukso, Argentina
Ochieng, Ogodo, Kenya
Harry Surjadi, Indonesia (Treasurer, President)
Bouchra Ouatik, Canada
Dr. Sunny Bains, UK (Secretary)
Mohammed Yahia, Egypt (Past President)
Nouha Belaid, Tunisia (September – December 2023)

Mohammed Yahia, Egypt (President)
Millica Momcilovic, Serbia (Vice President)
Mandi Smallhorne, South Africa (Secretary)
Tim Lougheed, Canada (Treasurer)
Wolfgang Goede, Germany, Colombia
Federico Kukso
Ochieng Ogodo, Kenya
Bouchra Ouatik, Canada
Connie St. Louis, UK
Curtis Brainard, USA (Past President)

Curtis Brainard, USA (President)
Mohammed Yahia, Egypt (Vice President)
Dominique Forget, Canada (Treasurer)
Wolfgang Goede, Germany and Colombia (Secretary)
Connie St. Louis, UK
Chul-Joong Kim, South Korea (Past President)

Chul-Joong Kim, South Korea (President)
Lucy Calderon, Guatemala (Vice President)
Pallava Bagla, India
Kathryn O’Hara, Canada (Treasurer)
Dominique Forget, Canada
Vesa Niinikangas, Finland (Past President)

Vesa Niinikangas, Finland (President)
Natasha Mitchell, Australia (Vice President)
Kathryn O’Hara, Canada (Treasurer)
Lucy Calderon, Guatemala (Secretary)
Pallava Bagla, India
Nadia El-Awady, Egypt (Past President)

Nadia El-Awady, Egypt (President)
Valeria Roman, Argentina, (Vice President)
Jia Hepeng (China Treasurer, Chair of Finance committee)
Chirstophe Mvondon, Cameroon (Chair of programme committee)
Natasha Mitchell, Australia (Secretary)
Deborah Blum, USA
Pallab Ghosh, UK (Past President)

Pallab Ghosh, UK (President)
Diran Onifade, Nigeria (Vice President)
Valeria Roman, Argentina, (Secretary)
Natasha Mitchell, Australia
Deborah Blum, USA
Nadia El-Awady, Egypt
Christophe Mvondo, Cameroon
Lisbeth Fog, Colombia
WIlson da Silva, Australia (Past President)

WIlson da Silva, Australia (President)
Pallab Ghosh (Vice-President)
Deborah Blum, USA
Valeria Roman, Argentina
Mariko Takahashi, Japan (Treasurer)
Véronique Morin, Canada (Past President)
Lisbeth Fog, Colombia

Véronique Morin, Canada (President)
Fabiola de Oliveira, Brazil (Vice President)
Werner Hadorn, Switzerland (Vice President)
Mariko Takahashi, Japan (Treasurer)
Prakash Khanal, Nepal (Secretary)
James Cornell, USA
Istvan Palugyai, Hungary

Note: Per WFSJ bylaws (17.1) in some cases the board elects to have a Past President remain for an additional term as a voting member.

**Note: This list has been reconstructed with limited access to deleted material from past web pages. Please get in touch by email for any requested corrections. Thank you.