The 5th Kavli Symposium will address Science Journalism and Politics. It will explore the intricate relationships between science journalism and government decision-making – ranging from health and environmental issues to investment in basic science. It will examine if and how science journalism serves to inform decision-making processes and public opinion and whether it can more effectively be a check on how these policies are formulated. We will also focus on the relationship between science news and politics, with special attention to the connections between the science desk and the political desk in the newsroom.

This is a nonpartisan and non-political event and all sessions will be designed with the view of stimulating thinking to deliver cutting-edge ideas for the benefit of the field as a whole.

The Symposium’s steering committee:

  • Deborah Blum, Director Knight Science Journalism program, MIT
  • Mariette DiChristina, Editor-in-Chief, Scientific American
  • Robert Lee Hotz, Science Writer, Wall Street Journal
  • Laura Helmuth, Health, Science and Environment Editor, The Washington Post
  • Ivan Oransky, Vice President, Editorial at Medscape, Distinguished Writer In Residence, New York University’s Arthur Carter Journalism Institute
  • Tiffany Lohwater, Chief Communications Officer, AAAS
  • Richard Stone, Senior Science Editor, Tangled Bank Studios
  • Curtis Brainard,  Managing Editor, Scientific American
  • Milica Momcilovic, Science Journalist and Anchor, Radio Television of Serbia
  • Shereen Joseph, Program Director, WFSJ

It is our hope that this Symposium will provide key insights to better the overall practice of science journalism.

National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine

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