The WFSJ is organising a strategy meeting on the WFSJ/Kavli future projects to be held in Lausanne on Wednesday 3 July from 12:30-14:30h.

We would like to sample a wide range of opinions of active science journalists from around the world on the needs and challenges they are facing that could be discussed in future WFSJ/Kavli science journalism symposia.

If you are attending the WCSJ19 and would like to attend the brainstorming meeting, please apply to attend (spaces are limited) and fill in this survey. We will select a small number of participants based on the content of their survey replies.

  1. What do you think worked well in previous Kavli symposia?
  2. What do you think didn’t work well in previous Kavli symposia?
  3. How would you like to see future Kavli symposia improve?
  4. What are the key challenges facing science journalists today?
  5. Name one thing that would improve the quality of science in the media?
  6. What are the other topics or issues you think the Kavli symposia should tackle in the future?
  7. What are the main limitations or restrictions to work as a science journalist in your country?
  8. How would you rank the following as potential future topics for Kavli symposia (Ranking: Not Interesting, Interesting, Very Interesting):
    • Investigating science: reporting on research misconduct and exposing bad science Investigating science: reporting on research misconduct and exposing bad scienceGoing beyond daily news and single-paper stories: the challenge of ‘long news’ that matter and science reporting for the deep future
    • Media and scientific freedoms in a world or corporate control and science PR
    • Citizen journalism, crowdsourced science, and democratization of science journalism: challenges and opportunities of audience-driven reporting and co-production of knowledge
    • The business of science: reporting on private-sector research and commercialization of science
    • Reinventing media channels for science stories: the latest developments in technologies and platforms for quality science journalism, especially for freelancers
    • Reporting on policy and dealing with censorship: How state power and political structures shape the world of science and technology

Please send your responses to Mićo Tatalović at

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