The meeting will be hosted at the Telethon Institute of Genetics and Medicine, in Pozzuoli (Naples).

  • On Friday, March 15, at the Observatory of Capodimonte, a course on different styles and “paradigms” in science communication
  • On Saturday, March 16, among the topics that will be discussed:
    • The proposal of approving national guidelines on research integrity (Gaetano Manfredi and Cinzia Caporale);
    • The effects of the new legislation restricting the use of animals in specific areas of medical research (Giuliano Grignaschi and Francesca Pasinelli);
    • The European Science-Media Hub newly launched by the European Parliament (Silvia Polidori);
    • How to work together with professional organisations to improve the quality of science information and a public debate on science and technology-related topics;
    • Constructive journalism and climate change.
  • On Sunday 17. The delegates will enjoy a visit to the nearby archeological area of Cuma.

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